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Calls to 2-1-1 info line surge by double digits

Local queries to Canada’s 2-1-1 information hotline have soared so far in 2023 – with call volume 24-per-cent higher than this time last year, and more callers than ever with multiple needs. Housing, health and mental health/addiction needs together account for almost half the inquiries. Across Canada, the picture is similar, with double-digit increases year-over-year in the number of people seeking guidance to find basics such as food, housing and help with government assistance programs. Some

Community campaign ‘united in local love’

Each additional supporter, and each additional dollar, brings the community one step closer to pandemic recovery. As Western began its annual campaign Oct. 7 in support of United Way Elgin Middlesex, the university is working to strengthen its generous role as the agency’s largest employee-led contributor. More importantly, said Western campaign co-chair Erika Chamberlain and Faculty of Law dean, the campus community is committed to showing its support for city and county neighbours.

Prof helping save planet from plastic pollution

When she was a kid, Patricia Corcoran would examine interesting little stones that lined the gravel road near her home. “I always wanted to become a geologist,” she recalled. These days, the Western professor of sedimentary petrology is focused less on pebbles and more on plastics. But she was dismayed to discover these two materials are often fused together into technofossils, a rock-hard legacy of profligate consumerism.

New Gray chair aims to solve chronic pain

Few people enjoy talking about, or even thinking about, chronic pain. But Siobhan Schabrun has made it her life’s work to study this pressing challenge in health care. “Chronic pain is a massive global health burden. It also has an economic burden that is second only to cancer,” Schabrun noted.
And in human cost, it is one of the most pervasive – and limiting – of medical issues. It hampers mobility and impedes daily activity, disrupts mental health and affects quality of life.
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